Core values

Put kids and families first

Our purpose is to unlock the potential of every child. We cannot do that without being 100 percent focused on kids and their families.

Value therapists

Flip is a therapist-run practice. We recognize the value of the work therapists do and place an emphasis on building a positive work environment for colleagues.

Be Inclusive

We know therapy has the power to change the lives of children. That's why we strive to serve all children—regardless of ability, background or circumstance.

Be kind

Empathy and kindness go a long way. We assume that everyone is doing their best given their knowledge and circumstances.

Our Approach

Start with strengths

We focus on embracing a child's strengths to drive improvement in challenging areas. This gives them confidence and motivation to push their limits.

Impement play-based activities

Based on our clinical experience and evidence-based research, these activities are a motivating and effective tool. They help children to progress developmentally and advance their day-to-day functioning.

Build the therapist-family relationship

Relationships take time to build. They also take effort to become stronger. This is not something we take for granted. A positive therapist-family relationship is critical to a child's success. Because of this we avoid frequently rotating therapists or adjusting schedules.

Adjust the environment

One-size does not fit all in therapy. A common mistake is attempting to make children fit within a rigid environment. Each child has different needs and will make more progress when adjusting the environment to meet kids where they are.